Hawaiian Diaper company plans to sue WikiLeaks

A company based in Hawaii that specialises in diapers for sufferers of incontinence is planning to sue the WikiLeaks organisation for intellectual property theft.

Thomas Otaheite claims that his company had been using the catch phrase of “Wiki leaks? No problem.” for years.

hawaii - the traditional owner of wikileaks?

Most people are unaware that “Wiki” is a Hawaiian word meaning “fast”, but the word has since been overshadowed by the internet’s heavy adoption of it.

Mr Otaheite stated that he had not registered the website “WikiLeaks.com” but had planned to if they had been successful in their recent tender bid with NASA. The contract would have meant the supply of “Man Nappies”, popularised in mainstream media by Astronaut Lisa Nowak as she allegedly wore one during a long and controversial car trip.

A representative from the WikiLeaks organisation has stated that he is unaware of the case officially, but has seen some related secret documents.