Scientists finally reveal secret to weight loss

In a world first, the International Guild of Credible Scientists (IGoCS) have revealed at their annual press conference that they have solved the unsolvable – how to maintain a healthy weight.

The secret to weight loss has been plaguing modern man since the invention of the computer and the rise of fast food.

Prior to the announcement, speculation has run rife and social commentators have been buzzing with theories as to what the announcement could be.  Most were betting on a new type of diet pill, hypnosis or surgical technique.  Many also suggested it was high time a new book on the subject was released.

Professor Cecil Appleby of IGoCS said they found inspiration from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

The announcement that stunned the world

“It was staring us in the face all the time.  E=MC2.  Which basically means, if we put aside the speed of light thingy, that energy equals mass.  Therefore, if one could increase the amount of energy used, then the mass will reduce. Also, if one reduced the amount of mass consumed, then less energy would be required for maintenance of the specific mass.”

Professor Appleby suggested that there is a simple, yet profound conclusion to be reached.

“We therefore announce to the world, that the secret to maintaining a healthy weight is:  Diet and Exercise.”

This shock revelation has left many stunned.  The premise revolves around a basic theory that if you reduce the amount of energy intake into your body (diet), and increase the amount of energy used (exercise) then weight loss is inevitable.  Once a balance of diet and exercise is found, a healthy weight can be maintained.

“So take the ride of your life and get the body of your dreams” exclaimed the Professor in his final statement.

Skeptics are suggesting that the premise is way too simple, and that they would like to read the fine print of the research paper as it may be a case of “the devil in the detail”.