Paul Hogan cracks down on Internet Piracy

After his attack on the Australian Taxation Office, Paul Hogan has vowed to crack down on internet piracy.

The 72 year old star of Lightning Jack has apparently been gathering statistics on which of his movies have been trading illegally on internet download sites such as ThePirateBay.

“I looked at the stats and I was shocked.  There have been seven copies of Crocodile Dundee downloaded illegally in the past 2 years, and three copies of Crocodile Dundee 2.”

“At this stage I haven’t been able to find an illegal copy of Almost an Angel, but I’ve engaged the services of an internet security firm to see if there are any copies out there. I don’t care what country they are in – I want them found and brought to justice” said Dundee in a candid interview with Tracy Grimshaw.

“It just makes me sick.  I work bloody hard to make these award winning movies and some clowns out there are getting to watch them for free.  I really am a victim of my own success.”

Hogan, famous for his portrayal of a rough and tumble crocodile hunter, was also recently voted “smoothest celebrity face” in the “over 70s” category, beating Steve Martin by one vote.

Warne888 says:

Gee I hope I look that good when I’m old.