Nostradamus predicts the rise of Facebook

A recent discovery in the texts of Nostradamus has suggested that he may have predicted Facebook.

A translated quatrain, the poetic way in which Nostradamus revealed his prophecies refers to faces having their own book.  There is even a reference to someone called Mark, possibly Mark Zuckerberg.

The quatrain is as follows:

For each soul their own place forever
Faces will be the book of now
The weak rejoice as demons feed
Henceforth, he will leave his Mark

Professor Jules Scaliger, a long time follower of Nostradamus said, “This is clearly about Facebook.  The fact that it even has the word ‘feed’, suggests he was talking about the News Feed in Facebook.  This is more proof that Nostradamus was clearly a prophet.”

Skeptics have pointed out that since the predictions made by Nostradamus require unscrambling, translating as well as interpreting, that there is room for much error.

However, anti-Facebook groups are praising the interpretation, as it appears to portray Mark Zuckerberg as some kind of demon, feeding on the weak.

Scholars are now scrambling to see if Nostradamus mentions anything about Twitter, Ping or Google+.

Phantomush says:

I think that the man that Nostradamus describes in his texts (the man with blue turban) is either the facebook or the internet explorer. (open your eyes guys) that is the doom bringer..

Well Nostradamus leaves a warning here,
not only 2012 … forever in Facebook is a long time
watch what you like or else your children’s children’s children will
frown on their grand-grandaddy (and-mothers)as the first to
write an entry in the book of faces as a blame on the entire dynasty!

Carole Fitzgerald says:

Even more amazing is that the world ends on my 50th birthday, some say it is I that is the Demon. Date of Birth:. 21/12/62 (6 numbers….the number of the beast 666….coincidence?

carmen says:

your birthday is 21/12/1962…. which is 3+3+9….which is 15 = 6. So where is the number of the beast?
Adding dates up as you have 21/12/62 just means you left out the number 1 in 1962 making the equation wrong.

Carole Fitzgerald says:

Oh allow me to retort! I never said that you have to add those numbers up….. 211262 are six numbers. And anyway you can’t add up. Since when does 1962 added together equal 9??? Some bizaire equation maybe. Last I checked they equal 18? I should know I am the devil!!!! PS you smell!

Vanessa says:

I like that my face is on the book of now 😉

Belinda says:

OMG fo real? Dis iz amazin! Hoo wud hav gess’d FB?

Terry Yonka says: