ACT Police given power to confiscate sunglasses

The ACT Government has announced that ACT Police will be given new powers to force motorists to hand over sunglasses at the police’s discretion.

Colin Bragg from the AFP suggested that, “this is not aimed at reducing motorists protection from the sun. We expect that motorists who have had sunglasses confiscated can go to the nearest servo and purchase new ones. Alternatively, for owners of Ray Bans or Versace sunglasses, we would suggest that drivers keep a spare pair of sunglasses in the glove box.”

When asked as to whether the ACT Cancer Council had been consulted about the new powers, a representative of the government said that, “Most definitely. We left a message on their answering machine.”

Police Minister Simon Corbell said the legislation has nothing to do with the recent changes to the ACT Police Salary Package which has removed the $300 sunglasses allowance for police.