Jesus appears at Corin Forest

The Jesus Knot of Corin Forest

A supposed image in the likeness of Jesus Christ has appeared on a tree at Corin Forest, around 45 minutes from Canberra.

Local Christian Bob Frankly spotted the unusual sight when bird watching on a bush walk.

“It was a cloudy, but beautiful day, when suddenly a tree fell into sunlight before me.  I could not believe my eyes, there was our lord and savior, all in a knot.”

“Believe or not, this is not the first time this has happened to me.  I have seen Jesus in a piece of Vegemite toast, an oil stain on the garage floor, and once the letters “JC” floated to the top of my alphabet soup.  I guess you could say that Jesus is following me around.”

Jonathon Crisp from Canberrans for Christ has hailed the find as “a win for local Christians in this century’s holiest of Holy Wars”.

The location of the tree is being kept secret as Mr Frankly things is might “get vandalised by teenagers or atheists.”

KOB says:

Take that Dicky Dawkins!