Paris Hilton kicked out of Paris Hilton

In an ironic twist on the English language, Paris Hilton has been kicked out of the Paris Hilton hotel.

Late yesterday it was reported that the famous celebrity had started an argument with the hotel manager of The Hilton in Paris, and had been mistakenly asked to leave the establishment.

An unimpressed Paris leaves the Hilton

Hotel manager Francois La Jetee said that, “the whole thing had been a terrible mistake, and this kind of mistake would never happen again in the history of such a fine hotel”.

“Ms Hilton and any of her acquaintances are welcome here anytime. Paris welcomes her, and not just because of her name. No?”

It has been suggested that the whole incident started when Paris Hilton checked in to the hotel as Perez Hilton which subsequently surprised and confused the manager upon her arrival.

Sources close to Ms Hilton said that the celebrity was “unaware” of any incident and would not be taking things further.