Time Machine inventor disappears

A man who called the Victorian Emergency Services “000” number 68 times on New Years Eve has allegedly disappeared.

Andrew Carlssin, a self professed scientist became known to emergency services after he called them repeatedly claiming to have invented a working time machine.

Jack Prescott of Emergency Services Australia said, “We had pretty much written off Mr Carlssin as a nuisance. We have all kinds of crazy people ringing up the ‘000’ emergency number. After so many calls we decided to send over a police patrol car to give him a stern talking to. We did not expect what happened next.”

Constable Toby McNeill revealed in an interview this morning, “We arrived at the person of interests house at approximately 12:02am and saw three large flashes of light that resembled lightning, coming from the garage area.”

“Upon entering the house there was a distinct smell of ozone and some light smoke at the scene. The garage contained scientific equipment and a large burnt area on the floor.”

Did Bragg build an Aussie Flux Capacitor?

“A search of the house revealed no sign of any residents. However, a note has been recovered and is under investigation at headquarters. City forensics and arson squad detectives are also currently at the scene.”

Emergency Services receive hundreds of calls each year reporting UFO sightings, missing dogs, minor chest pains or even asking for directions to the nearest service station.

Neighbours described Mr Carlssin as a quiet man who usually kept to himself.

Speculation is rife on social networking sites as to whether Mr Carlssin had actually invented a time machine and pulled off a New Years Eve travel into the future.

HJ says:

wow anything can be possible, I wonder were that would take you

RB2000 says:

Well, this is extraordinary. I was just checking the news on the Wayback Machine and stumbled across this article. I really didn’t think anyone woul notice.