Kombi owners cranky at Monorail comparison

Owners of the iconic Kombi van have expressed outrage at the recent comparisons to the Sydney Monorail.

In his rejection of the monorail being of value to Canberra, ACT Light Rail chair Damien Haas said that the monorail carriages are like ‘sitting in a row of old Kombi vans’.

“This is extremely offensive to Kombi owners everywhere,” said Heinrich Mann from the Canberra Kombi Club.

“Sure, there are some similarities. The German consortium Von Roll Habegger built the Sydney Monorail, so they share a similar heritage, and thus we expect the same level of engineering precision and reliability.”

The Canberra Kombi Club executive plan their next steps

“However, Mr Haas seems to infer negative connotations with his comments. I would suggest that Mr Haas has never sat in a Kombi, otherwise he would not make the comparison. The Kombi is a very comfortable automobile for sitting, and some of them even have beds.”

Despite monorails being portrayed as complete folly in an early episode of The Simpsons, local governments and councils across Australia are scrambling for a chance to buy the deprecated monorail.

Canberra says:

The comparison between the Kombi van and the the Sydney Monorail was simply meant to establish which of the two cars is better. Although Kombi van owners are not so happy about the comparison, car owners will always compare different models of cars in an attempt to find out which vehicles are the best.

john fisher says:

I would rather my precious kombi was likened to a monorail rather than being referred to as Hitler’s revenge….