Worst Olympics Ever says AGMWA

The 2012 Australian Olympics contingent has come under new fire from the Australian Gold Medal Watchdog Association (AGMWA), it was revealed at a press conference this morning.

“This is the worst Olympics ever, from a gold medals perspective,” said James Carroll from AGMWA in an exclusive interview with The Canberra News Digestive.

Both the Olympians, and their trainers have seen an unprecedented amount of criticism for not “bringing home the bacon” from London.

“After a full week of the Olympics, the Australian’s have only brought home one gold medal. And I don’t even remember what event that was,” continued an angry Mr Carroll.

Angry members of the AGMWA

“The Australian people should be questioning where their hard earned taxes are going, as it seems to me that it’s not enough to fund our Olympic squad. They seem to be able to get themselves into trouble with guns and the law, but can’t swim a lap to save their own lives.”

Much of Australia’s hopes for Olympic Gold now sit with the less prestigious sports such as Greco Roman Tumbling, Juggling, and Super-Putt Golf.

Chris J says:

“Australian Gold Medal Watchdog Association”?? I didn’t even know there was such a thing, and I’m sure our Olympic Team don’t really need to be told by anyone that they have, in AFL parlance, put in a shocker. Perhaps there should be an Olympic medal for “Best Superfluous Dummy Spit by Self Appointed Whiners” – We might win a second Gold. Or maybe these clowns should put on their togs, buy some treadleys or pick up some oars and show us all how it’s done…