Bungendore Night Train Signals Increased Birth Rate

An anecdotal study has shown that the 3am train running through the centre of Bungendore may have been sending local birth rates off the rails.

The normally sleepy town has seen an increase in births since the dairy train commenced the night run in 1996.

The night train returns after emptying its milk load

“It is a known fact that when married couples are woken during the middle of the night, they usually turn to natural love making,” said Professor John Blenkinsop in an exclusive interview with The Canberra News Digestive.

“The blast of a long loud horn followed by the vibrating sensation of a slow moving train is very stimulating, particularly as it enters a nearby tunnel.”

“I have been studying this phenomenon closely for many years.”

The night train, which carries all of Canberra’s milk needs for that day, consists of forty-two full cream dairy carriages, seven reduced fat carriages, and one soy carriage.