Bill Gates unlikely to answer Windows technical questions during Australian visit

Billionaire philanthropist and former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates will be visiting Canberra on May 28 but is unlikely to answer any questions relating to the Windows 8 suite of products.

“We have some basic questions about the Windows Kernel we would like to ask Mr Gates, but have been told this is not going to happen,” said Jonathon Cisco from the Canberra Windows Programmers Group.

“This is unfortunate, as we may never get another opportunity. Mr Gates has an intimate knowledge of Windows, and our questions would not be difficult for him to answer.”

“For example if I use ADSIEdit via the Microsoft Management Console and trigger a write operation in the Win2K database for Active Directory, will it record the transaction in the log file?”

Les Wilson at an earlier Windows Start Button protest

Les Wilson at an earlier Windows Start Button protest

Another group is looking at planning a protest for Mr Gates’ arrival.

The Canberra Chapter of the ‘Bring Back the Start Button’ lobby group is said to be printing signs and organising sandwiches in preparation for a demonstration outside the National Press Club event.

Les Wilson, a pensioner and President of the lobby group said that, “Although we do acknowledge that Mr Gates does some important charity work, it does not excuse the removal of the Start button from Windows 8.”

In a controversial move Microsoft removed the Start button from Windows 8 which has led to much confusion, particularly amongst mature age users.

Since turning his mind to philanthropy, Bill and Melinda Gates through The Gates’ foundation have contributed over a billion dollars towards fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Natch says:

When I last spoke to Bill, he was able to explain the privacy settings for Facebook, which no one else in the whole world can. I think he must be a genius.