Cash Machine Super Hack leaked

Banks and other financial institutions all over the world may be scrambling to patch their automatic teller machines with news that the fabled ‘Super Hack’ has been published on the Internet.

The mythical hack that allegedly allows someone to enter a special code into any cash machine and withdraw cash without a card, is said to have been published by hackers over night.

“This is a nightmare for banks,” says Igor Petersburg from Global Security Now.

“Anyone with this code can walk up to a cash machine and just start withdrawing money. No card, no credit check, no background check, just free money.”

Super Hack purs increase in ATM payday queues

Super Hack spurs increase in ATM payday queues

The ATM Super Hack legend has been around since automatic teller machines were invented, but was not believed to be true.

“Who wrote it? A disgruntled worker? A Freemason? Nobody knows. Maybe it was used for testing purposes, but was accidentally left in the teller machine computer program.”

The 101 digit code is said to be a unique combination of numbers that is only divisible by itself and one.

“Banks and other financial institutions these days are careful not to give money away, so I think they are likely to have this issue fixed reasonably quickly.”

The hackers that released the code also issued a statement to bank customers saying that it is not their personal money that is at risk but only the banks, and it is therefore a victimless crime.

luvy says:

pls i wll like to have this code pls

Drick says:

What’s the code and which country it works in