Big Banana ripe for World Heritage Listing

An anonymous philanthropist is hoping to gain a World Heritage Listing for Australia’s famous Big Banana.

The Coffs Harbour recluse has apparently approached UNESCO about the famous roadside super fruit becoming a preserved heritage site.

Could the Big Banana soon join the Easter Island elite?

Could the Big Banana soon join the Easter Island elite?

“I can easily see why someone would want to maintain this amazing tourist attraction forever,” says Bob Cavendish from the Big Banana Zesty Bunch, a dedicated fan club.

“The first rule of the UNESCO World Heritage criteria is to ‘represent a masterpiece of human creative genius, which the Big Banana excels at.”

The Big Banana almost slipped into obscurity when the landmark went bankrupt in the early 90s, but became a fruitful enterprise again years later.

“I think John Landi would be extremely proud to know that his creation could be the first oversized roadside source of Vitamin B in the world to be given this amazing honour.”

A song in 2012 by Havana Brown called “Big Banana” peaked at number one on the US Hot Dance Club Songs. However, the artist has never confirmed nor denied a connection to the Coffs Harbour tourist attraction.