Ellen Degeneres to star in Nurse Jackie – The Movie

Fans of Ellen Degeneres are said to be overjoyed with the news that she is set to star in the movie version of the popular television series Nurse Jackie.

A spokesperson for Ms Degeneres said that she “has always been cast in comedic roles, but is hoping that Nurse Jackie will allow her to bring out her more dramatic side.”

“The drug taking, foul mouthed, husband cheating super nurse is a move away from Ellen’s more light hearted acting career so far, and a complete shift away from her personality altogether.”

When questioned about whether Ellen’s sexuality will be an issue in her portrayal of Nurse Jackie, the movie’s director Chuck Goldstein said “Of course there will be strong sex scenes in the movie. But we will be using the latest in CGI for those scenes. In fact, Ellen doesn’t even need to show up on those days.”

Edie Falco, the star of the hit television series is said to be honoured that Ellen will be playing the same character that she has worked so hard at making successful.

“I just hope they get the haircut right!” quipped Falco at a press conference.

“I can’t believe that Nurse Jackie is set to become part of the elite club of TV series that end up on the big screen.”

Nurse Jackie – The Movie, is currently in Pre Production with an expected release date of some time in 2013.