Save the Tigers Foundation alarmed at Charlie Sheen’s antics

A conservation group has raised serious concerns over Charlie Sheen’s continual mention of Tiger Blood, and warns that other celebrities may attempt to purchase tiger blood on the black market.

The Save the Tigers Foundation (STF) is a wildlife conservation movement initiated in India in 1984 to protect tigers from celebrities and other poachers.

“This is not the first time we have been worried about celebrities and their obsession with tigers.  Anyone who has seen the movie The Hangover will realise how easy it is to gain access to a tiger” says Lars Doons of STF.

“Mike Tyson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Siegfried & Roy are all big fans of tiger ownership.  We get requests from celebrities on a regular basis who want to own one of these alluring creatures and make them their exotic pet.  If Charlie Sheen continues to bestow the virtues of having tiger blood, then that puts many tigers in jeopardy.”

Many have speculated as to whether Charlie Sheen is actually referring to blood from the big cat member of the Felidae family, or whether it has another meaning.  Some theories suggest that Sheen is actually referring to a kind of “rockstar lifestyle” that Tiger Woods has been living in more recent times.

Cocktail drink makers, pharmaceutical companies and golfing equipment retailers have all reported that they are not able to keep up with demands for the mysterious concoction since Charlie Sheen began tweeting about his alleged “tiger blood” and its longevity properties.