Man to ride Segway up Mt Everest

Extreme sports junkie James Cole has announced that he is going to attempt to ride a Segway to the top of Mount Everest.

“People have told me I am crazy, but I don’t believe them,” said Cole in an interview with CNN.

“The key to success with Everest is all about preparation. I’ve got the best socks money can buy, and a really good sleeping bag. My Sherpa’s will be carrying a solar charger, and three spare batteries for the Segway.”

James and Chet Cole in training

Cole is no stranger to cold weather after a failed attempt in 2007 to rollerblade to the North Pole required a Navy rescue.

“I learnt a lot from that trip. People assume it was the rollerblades that let me down, but it was actually my sunglasses. It’s polarised lenses for me all the way now.”

It is commonly believed there are around 150 bodies of people who have died in their attempts to climb Mt Everest. When questioned about his survival chances, Cole responded saying “One of the reasons people die on Everest is due to exhaustion. Problem solved. I’ll be riding a Segway!”

When asked whether he was doing this for charity, Cole replied “No. I think that would cheapen what I am trying to do here, which is to ride the most modern piece of machinery up something that is literally as old as a mountain.”

Cole’s brother Chet will be filming the attempt and the pair plan to release the documentary “A Smooth Transition to the Top” next year.