Top ex-Naval pilot “Maverick” dies in tragic Karaoke accident

Former United States Naval Aviator LT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell died yesterday whilst performing his famous rendition of “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” in a Californian Karaoke bar.

The 52 year old had been drinking heavily and fell backwards off the stage and subsequently suffered a massive heart attack.

Mitchell rose to fame in the 1986 documentary “Top Gun” where he was portrayed as a troubled renegade who did not play by the rules. Following his graduation, he spent three years as an instructor at the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School, but was dismissed after being caught “flying under the influence of alcohol”.

“Maverick lost his way after Charlie left him,” said Carol Bradshaw, a long time friend of Mitchell.

“He was head over heals in love with Charlie, but she basically outgrew him. He hit the bottle hard and never found true love again. He dabbled in some kind of religious cult but was never the same.”

After his dismissal from the Navy, Mitchell spent the bulk of working life as a crop duster and living in a trailer park near the former Naval Air Station at Miramar.