Tupac Shakur: I am Banksy!

Former New York City rapper Tupac Shakur has stunned the street art world by revealing that he is controversial artist Banksy.

The revelations came via a press release from self professed Tupac representative Colonel Novikov.

“Tupac is a multi dimensional, multi talented artist who shows no physical boundaries,” says Novikov.

“I think you will find the parallels you are looking for in the lyrics of his music and his anti-authoritarian style. Not to mention the hoodie that he wears.”

“People have suggested that the so called Banksy has produced street art since the death of Tupac, so it cannot possibly be him. But I ask you this question: If this is true, then how do you explain the nine albums released by Tupac after his own death?”

Banksy, famous for his street art such as the “One Nation Under CCTV” mural in London, as well as his daring art upon the Palestinian Wall has also spawned much public interest due to his secret identity.

Street artists close to Banksy have denied that claim that he is really Tupac Shakur.

“Everyone is claiming to be Banksy these days,” says street artist Brain Invader, “including Justine Timberlake, Jude Law and even Barack Obama. The fact is, only Banksy, a few of his street artist brothers, and his bank manager, actually know who Banksy is.”

Tupac, who was shot dead in Las Vegas in 1996, was unavailable for comment.