Russian Airline to buy Space Shuttle Fleet

The flagship Russian airline Aeroflot has put in a bid to purchase the remaining Space Shuttles from NASA.

Industry speculators have suggested that Aeroflot has had its eye on the ageing Space Shuttle fleet for some time and has been waiting for the opportunity to purchase the remaining units.

Slava Gagarin from Aeroflot explained how the airline would be able to use such a unique aircraft.

“Aeroflot has been working on a prototype whereupon its Boeing 747s could ‘piggyback’ one of the shuttles that has been fitted out with luxury seating.”

“This would allow up to 150 more 1st Class passengers to be carried in each transatlantic flight, without having to mix with any of the other passengers in the 747 aircraft.”

The prototype Space Shuttle piggyback

“We plan to fit out the shuttles with the latest in technology and comfort. Every passenger will have the latest iPad as well as be able to take a bath whenever they want.”

A total of eight shuttle orbiters were built; Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour, and the lesser known Diligence and Pixie. The Challenger and Columbia were not for sale due to prior major malfunctions.

Former NASA Astronaut Captain John Burger is outraged and has expressed that “Americans are a proud nation. We should keep all of our space vehicles firmly grounded on US soil where they belong. “

NASA will neither confirm not deny the future of the remaining Space Shuttles, but is said to be keeping their options open.