Eighth Sign of Ageing Discovered

The dermatology world was rocked earlier this week as legitimate scientists announced the discovery of an eighth sign of ageing.

Until now, scientists had accepted the undeniable truth that there were only seven signs of ageing. The known signs are:

1. Fine lines and wrinkles
2. Rough skin texture
3. Uneven skin tone
4. Skin dullness
5. Visible pores
6. Blotches and age spots
7. Skin dryness

Acclaimed regenerist scientist Dr Marc Hecimovic said that, “scientists everywhere are scrambling as this throws everything we have ever learnt on its head. We thought we had a pure scientific model that captured the essence of ageing in homo sapiens, but it seems we were completely wrong.”

The Unified Ageing Theory as it is known amongst dermatologists uses a complex mathematical formulae to predict ageing in humans. Current theory suggests there could only be seven signs of ageing at most.

The Anti-Ageing Particle Accelerator

“We have run the simulations, and we have no other explanation. There must be an eighth sign of ageing” explained Dr Hecimovic.

The newly discovered sign of ageing has been nicknamed “Perception” by the scientific community.

Skincare treatment manufacturers across the world are reported to be currently rethinking global marketing strategies.