Kim Jong-pil pays tribute to Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-pil

The news that Kim Jong-il has died is still echoing across the world as media outlets describe the year 2011 as “Annus Horribilis for dictators”.

Long time critic of Kim Jong-il and purported “nemesis”, Kim Jong-pil today said that he “is saddened by the loss of Kim Jong-il” and wishes his family “all the best for the future.”

Kim Jong-pil is a prominent South Korean politician and founder of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency.

“Not that I believed in the same things as him, but I have no hard feelings. In fact, I heard he was ill and attempted to meet him for lunch earlier in the year. He gave me his usual excuse of being too busy, but I think maybe he thought it too political.”

With such similar names, Kim Jong-pil had often been confused with the North Korean dictator, especially on international travel.

“Every time I went to America it was always ‘excuse me sir, but I randomly need to test you for explosives’. Sure, ‘randomly, of course’ I used to say. I did not mind. It is all part of the game.”

In 1963, Kim Jong-pil founded the Republican Democratic Party of South Korea.

Kim Jong-il will be buried at a small ceremony with his closest family in attendance.