Public Servants obsessed with Captain’s Flat

A recent study of Canberra’s public servants internet usage has revealed that the Captain’s Flat Weather Radar Loop is the most visited website.

In an interview earlier today, Adrienne Carmichael from Registered Anonymous Data said that, “I guess this shows that public servants think about the weather regularly and take it quite seriously. Usage for the Captain’s Flat Weather Radar Loop website was 22% higher than its closer competitor.”

The Captains Flat Radar Dish

Ms Carmichael went on to say, “Other studies we have done have put Facebook squarely at the top of the list. The next most visited website was a popular local real estate site, then followed by Facebook. Does this mean that Canberra public servants value the weather and real estate over their friendships?”

The Captain’s Flat Weather Radar is located at Mount Cowangerong near the town of Captain’s Flat.

Pete says:

Ha ha. That’s not the dish… In fact, the weather radar isn’t a dish, but a rather more phallic looking large white thing…