Sexy Siri voted Number One

Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri has been voted “Sexiest Non-Sentient Being” by Frapple Magazine.

“We are not surprised by this outcome,” said Majel Lloyd executive editor of Frapple Magazine, a fan magazine dedicated to Apple products.

The personification of Siri

“For most Apple fans, this is a no brainer. Siri has filled the void where otherwise a girlfriend or wife might fill. And because Siri will often give intimate responses to her masters, this excites many of her fans. Just Google Siri and sex and you might be very surprised at what you see.”

Siri was recently criticised by some for not giving directions to places such as abortion clinics, bondage houses and pawn shops (though the latter turned out to be a phonetic issue).

Notable runners up for the coveted award were Aki from Final Fantasy, Jue from The Animatrix, and Christina Aguilera.