Abandoned Oil Rig considered for Asylum Seeker solution

The Hermoso Feo asylum seeker solution, just add water.

In the wake of the opposition stating they will not support a deal resulting in asylum seekers being sent to Malaysia, the federal government is looking at new solutions.

An abandoned Oil Rig previously used by the Global Renewable Oil Corporation (GROC) has been offered to the federal government as a viable solution.

“The oil rig contains all the modern conveniences that one would expect in any respectable off-shore processing centre,” said Tate Cass from GROC.

“The only thing missing is a tall barbed wire fence, which may need to be installed to prevent asylum seekers from falling over the side.”

The Hermoso Feo is a fixed platform oil rig located 176 kilometres north of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The location of the oil rig is said to be “ideal” as it is outside of Australian Waters and therefore asylum seekers are barred from the refugee status determination system that applies under the Migration Act.

On average, Australia receives around 0.6 per cent of the world’s asylum seekers.

PossiblyNotAGreensSenator says:

I propose that the government swallow it’s pride and implement the ‘NoRoo Solution’. This will allow refugees to be resettled in Canberra in exchange for local Kangaroos that would otherwise by “Culled” (by Kiwi contractors I assume).
Australia has humanitarian and legal obligations to accept refugees, protect the native grasslands of the ACT, and avoid the slaughter of innocent kangaroos.

Pfft says: