Authorities Draw the Line on Postcode Tagging

Tuggeranong - The Epicentre of Tagging

Local authorities in Canberra are at a loss on how to deal with the new “postcode tagging” craze that is sweeping the Nation’s Capital.

Walls, doors, lightpoles, phone boxes, buses, trees and domestic animals are all targets for “taggers”, but Canberra residents may notice something unusual about the current round of graffiti “tags”.

Prominent psychologist Dr Davis Phillips says that, “Tagging of postcodes is a relatively new phenomenon, and is a way for young people to express themselves artistically, yet also to defend their turf against other taggers.”

“For example, taggers from the notorious South Side Conder Posse will tag the postcode ‘2906’ – which easily distinguishes them from the Gilmore Gang Bangers who tag ‘2905’. These kids take great pride in their Canberra suburbs and will defend them almost violently, by writing down the postcode on public infrastructure.”

Sandy Gantt from the Canberra Preservation Society described the new art form as “vandalism, pure and simple”.

The ACT Government is said to be looking at various options to combat the trend including the banning of black textas and the withdrawal of the “What’s My Postcode” pamphlet from circulation.

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