Mark Wahlberg incurs wrath of Terrorist Groups

Rapper, Actor and Intellect: Mark Wahlberg

Actor and rapper, Mark Wahlberg has apologised to terrorist groups after boasting in an interview that he would have “kicked terrorist ass” had he been on one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center towers.

In an interview with Bad Boy Magazine, Wahlberg is quoted as saying, “If I was on that plane, it would have been roundhouse kick here, flying punch there, and an all round triple back flip of kicking terrorist ass.”

Abdul Malik from the Global Union of Terrorists said he was “outraged, and alarmed” by Wahlberg’s comments.

“It saddens me that an actor who is as respected as Mark Wahlberg would say something so irresponsible. Terrorists deserve the same level of respect one would give to an actor of his calibre.”

Wahlberg was scheduled to be on one of the 9/11 flights but changed his mind at the last minute due to a problem with his facial hair.