Dickson Balls succumbs to hard times

Staff prepare for the end of Dickson Balls

The most famous sports store in Canberra will be closing its doors from next week.

Known as the first sports specialty store to open in the ACT, Dickson Balls has filed bankruptcy papers and is liquidating all stock.

Frank Pen, who has owned the store since 1969 said in an exclusive interview with the Canberra News Digestive, “We are sad to be closing. I treasured my job as head of such a great family owned company. However, there is just too much competition from the so-called superstores, as well as the online sellers. There is just no money in balls anymore for the Aussie battler.”

Local soccer legend Sheryl Goldsmith tweeted “What a blow to Canberra. Frank Pen is a top bloke. High quality balls in Canberra are a rarity.”

The Dickson Balls store has reportedly been purchased by stuffed toy manufacturer Fuzzy Down Under who are expected to open a new retail outlet later in the year.

J Guts says:

As a major share holder of Down inc, I am looking forward to the challenge for our Fuzzy Down Under trading arm as they give the ball industry in Canberra a good kick towards ball sales in the small ACT region. Canberra need not fret as we do take our balls seriously when it comes to a good kick.