Motorbikes to be banned in Western Australia

New legislation being debated in the WA Parliament could soon mean that some motorbikes are no longer allowed on Western Australian roads.

The proposed Criminal Organisations Control Bill is suggested by some to be aimed fairly and squarely at getting outlaw motorcyclists off the road.

Mick Jackson from the notorious Hot Black Desiato motorcycle gang said the legislation is “a blatant attack on both human and biker rights”.

Outlaw gang member Mick Jackson is "unimpressed with the violent biker stereotype"

“People think we are just like those blokes on Sons of Anarchy,” said Mr Jackson.

“We are not much like them at all. For a start they have American accents and ride on the other side of the road.”

A representative from the government said the bill is not aimed specifically at bikers, but at criminals and bikers who “sell drugs, extort money and generally make way too much noise”.

The new law is expected to attract a high level of debate amongst motorcycle gang members, civil libertarians and old age pensioners.