Queanbeyan Teddy Bear mystery solved

The trees lining Bungendore Road between Queanbeyan and Bungendore have held a popular mystery for Canberrans and tourists alike.

Upon close inspection, the trees have teddy bears of all shapes, sizes, colours and condition nailed to them.

Many have speculated as to the origins and reasoning behind the unusual phenomena.

Kim Kardashian - The face behind Fuzzy Down Under

Queanbeyan resident Phil Babcock suggested that, “Some crazy old lady nails them up there at night.”

Walton Nate from Bungendore thought the teddy bears were “a protest against child abuse.”

However, the real reason has now been revealed.

Australian stuffed toy manufacturer Fuzzy Down Under says it is part of an elaborate viral marketing campaign that they have been working on for over ten years.

“We have been sowing the seeds of this thing for a long time, and we are proud to announce that Kim Kardashian is now largely behind the name of Fuzzy Down Under. I don’t want to reveal too much and blow the surprise!” said head of marketing Dick O’Neil.

“This is not just limited to Canberra. There are country roads all over Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand where we have nailed teddy bears to trees. We may just be about to show you the sexiest toy sale in the history of toy sales.”

The company says they plan to remove the teddy bears after the marketing campaign is finished and donate them to charity.

Chris says:

I can’t tell if Stuart is hilarious or an idiot, read this:


Stuart says:

Awesome. So basically they have been littering and driving nails into trees for commercial gain. Native trees are protected by law so it’s good to see the company responsible volunteer themselves for prosecution. National parks and Wildlife, go get em.