Bob Kony calls for “no more death threats”

The #Kony2012 social media campaign has ended up with some unexpected casualties, despite good intentions.

Bob Kony, who is running for Mayor of the American town of Boise, Idaho is calling for calm as his office continues to receive multiple death threats.

“I guess God would say it was just a bad coincidence that I called my campaign for mayor Kony 2012,” said Republican Bob Kony.

Bob Kony - I'm not the guy you're looking for

“However, Mavis my personal assistant is now on stress leave after answering dozens of abusive phone calls. I don’t really know anything about the other ‘Kony’, but I am sure it is all legitimate and justified.”

Joseph Kony became an internet sensation after a documentary was released highlighting his alleged exploitation of children as soldiers for his Lord’s Resistance Army.

Mr Kony said he plans on renaming his campaign from “Kony 2012” to something less confrontational.

Reporter and activist Jess Hawker suggested that those wishing to help in the struggle against Joseph Kony should “write a letter to their local politician, retweet any anti-Kony tweets, or post something on their Facebook wall.”