Canberra floods cause social media infrastructure spillover

Canberra flood photos reign supreme

Users of popular social media services in Canberra were almost stranded when the system became close to being on the verge of virtual unavailability.

Tweets, likes and observations about the rising ACT floodwaters were communicated to the point of saturation.

“Basically there was too much traffic in Canberra and this caused chaos on our servers,” said a spokesperson from Satiety Hosting Services, the providers who host the social media infrastructure in Canberra.

“At the peak our servers were processing 42 Gigaquads of information every second. It eventually got to the point where we had to divert some traffic to Bateman’s Bay, just to keep up with the additional load. Our servers on the coast get much less traffic at this time of year.”

In an interview earlier today, Adrienne Carmichael from Registered Anonymous Data also stated that the Captains Flat Weather Radar has seen “more than a drizzle” of traffic on its website this week.

Local authorities are recommending that all residents in the Canberra region keep their social media accounts active at this time.