Dobermans shipped in to patrol new ASIO Building

A pack of twelve Doberman Pinschers have arrived in Canberra to begin their role of patrolling the new ASIO building.

The dogs, which have been specially trained in Germany, are genetically bred to have extra sharp hearing and eyesight.

“These canines are not your regular backyard variety of pet,” said Heinrich Schmitt from Zornig Hunde, the company that bred and trained the dogs.

“These Dobermans are a super breed. They are also highly trained and work in groups of three, with one of the dogs being the lead dog who commands the other two.”

Eins, Zwei and Drei posing outside the new ASIO building

The dogs are said to also have sophisticated electronic collars that allow them to communicate with the security guards and the other dogs.

“The collars are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and also incorporate a CCTV camera which is transmitted via secure encryption back to base. The collars also release a fragrance at precise intervals that the dogs enjoy which keeps them motivated and focused,” said Schmitt.

“We have custom built carbon fibre kennels for the dogs which are sound proof, so the dogs will not be disturbed during their designated rest periods, or during the Canberra fireworks season.”

The dogs will be on display at the public open day next month at the new ASIO building.

colin hughes says:

i had a doberman he eas great he was very smart what a bread they are