Bob Geldof to write second song

Popstar evangelist and highly important celebrity Bob Geldof is reported to be working on a follow up song to his 1979 hit “I don’t like Mondays”.

Bob and Bono often confer on solving the world's problems using other people's money

The former lead singer of The Boomtown Rats recently said on his blog that he is “sick and tired of people saying I am a one hit wonder”.

“I guess people have forgotten about Band Aid, Live Aid, and the parts when I mimed those songs in Pink Floyd’s The Wall, ” he added.

Geldof shot to fame when ‘Mondays’ hit number one on the UK charts and stayed there for an incredible four weeks.

“For those wondering about whether my next song will be a sequel to ‘Mondays’, all I am going to say is that it will be focussing around a particular day of the week, but not that one.”

Bob Geldof, along with his best friend Bono from U2, have often been the target of jokes due to the high profile work they do for charities and self-promotion.

Fellow celebrity Russell Brand once said about Geldof, “Really it’s no surprise he’s such an expert on famine. He has after all been dining out on ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ for 30 years”.

Geldof has not yet revealed a release date for his second single.