Calls for “Earthquake Day” public holiday in Canberra

A local lobby group has called for a public holiday to be created to commemorate the recent earthquake in Canberra.

“Earthquakes don’t happen often in Canberra, and this one really rocked the capital. We surely should have a public holiday to celebrate, especially since it was conveniently on a Friday,” said Jenna Blake from the Canberra Holiday Trust Group in an exclusive interview with The Canberra News Digestive.

“We lobbied hard for Melbourne Cup to be a holiday, and subsequently the Family and Community Day. Is anyone going to argue that Canberra does not need another holiday?”

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Social media outlet Twitter formed the epicentre of public speculation that an earthquake had happened at around 5am on Friday 20 April 2012.

Most commentators suggested the earthquake felt like a freight train or a 1970 Holden Torana GTR XU1 driving past.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke allegedly tweeted “Any senior executive that sacks a public servant for not going to work today is a bum!”

The Canberra Earthquake measured 3.7 on the Richter scale, and an 8.7 on the Elation scale.

Matt says:

Not a very ‘moving’ article Ed. But it seems you’re the Epicentre of yet another CONtroversy, with all the after shocks.

Later that morning, I’d asked my partner “did the earth move for you too?” and was shocked by the response: “Nope, I just thought it was you snoring”.

egg says:

check the ‘About’ section of this site dudes – lol

Dags says:

To the people commenting on here who aren’t getting the joke – go back to your reality TV and let the adults talk for a while.

GPearce says:

Even the earthquakes are boring in Canberra

jennifer says:

All I can say is that my comment was rejected but have allowed complete idiots to project their point of view. Well done moderators!! you’ve lost my support

The Editor says:

Not rejected, just took some time to get back to the list. All comments appreciated.

Funny shit says:

This. Is. Hilarious.

Jennifer says:

This was meant to be a joke! In fact almost taking the mickey out of ourselves – the Canberran Public Servants (not that I am one myself).

That it’s such an easy lifestyle here with so many public holidays, that it wouldn’t take much (any excuse) for another one. I don’t understand how people missed the mark on that one!

In no way is it discrediting the horrendous, tragic events of Christchurch earthquake, nor should anyone devalue the trauma caused by the Canberra Fires.

Take a chill pill!

Missy says:

I think this is a bit ridiculous. I think it might even be purposely so. What intrigues me is that this article was posted at 8:40pm on April 19, yet the quake occurred at 5:10am on April 20… Psychic?

Lucky says:

I was a foreign aid worker and have lived through and seen brutality in the following:
1. The Canberra Bushfires
2. The Christchurch Earthquake
3. The Japanese Tsunami
4. Hurricane Katrina
And not one public holiday for any one of them. Not that I can take holidays, but I guess this is just part of the aid workers curse.

I am retired from all that now and am just now a humble public servant.

I say good on Jenna Blake for pushing for public holidays, there should be more people with a positive attitude like that in the world.

Di says:

Very sad to read something so insensitive, Jenna Blake from the Canberra Holiday Trust Group should apologise for her comment. I too lived in Christchurch during all of the earthquakes and aftershocks and what most people in Australia don’t understand is that it’s going on still. That’s almost 2 years of living in fear for your life and the lives of those you love every day. I lived in Canberra during the firestorms and yes it was a horrific, frightening experience but it was nothing on the terror I experienced in Christchurch. I’d have hoped the firestorms and today’s tremor in Canberra would have made you all more compassionate to the suffering going on in Christchurch. If people want a day off make it a day of rememberence for those less fortunate than yourselves, those who have not been so lucky during earthquakes.

Aubs says:

I read the first comment and thought I may have been a little out of line… but after reading the rest I will stand behind my opinion –

Dianne Lowe says:

I agree with Aubs!! I’m from Canberra, been through the bush fires here. Was living in Christchurch when the earthquakes happened. Lost a nursing colleague in a horrendous way in the earthquake. I felt todays shake while at work in Canberra Hospital and i was ready to run. The memories of a big earthquake don’t go away!! It’s no joking matter. Never been so scared in my life last year on Feb 22nd when Christchurch was hit with another major quake. I can a joke as well as the next person. But seriously not over an earthquake!!!! Camira you wouldn’t be saying 3.7 is just a number if you if it had a 7.4 number and people killed and a city ruined!!!

Camira says:

I think you all missing my point. Why criticise Canberra for wanting a day off? The newspapers are saying people and dogs were terrified. Are you saying you wished people would have died? Good on you.

Dianne Lowe says:

Not saying that at all!!! Just saying it’s no joking matter!!! Just that if you have ever been through a major earthquake you wouldn’t find this funny either!!!

Camira says:

I know someone that died in a car crash. Does that mean I can never make jokes about Volvos? Strange logic.

Natalie says:

You cant be serious?! How can you not see how utterly disrespectful this is to people who have encountered earthquakes that resulted in loss of homes, lives and livelyhoods? Just so canberra can have another public holiday? Which by the way you already have more than any other state in the country. How unaustralian. Shame on you.

toto says:


I dont mean to be rude but your brain is cooked…. if you cant see the logic in what people are saying then you are cooked….

Like a fried egg is what you are….

Aubs says:

Camira –

Don’t make it personal..

If there was even a slice of logic behind this you wouldn’t be the only one with an opinion like that.

Even “Dianne” from Canberra shares a similar opinion as mine and she lives there –

Aubs says:

Good on you Dianne!! 🙂

Camira says:

Group hug everyone! Ha ha!

Andrew Harrington says:

I want to know where to write for compensation. I have a large wine collection which I spen 5hrs once a month lovingly turning. I turned them last on Sunday! now they’ve been turned and thrown the routine out of whack! this will ruin my wine! I demand compensation for this atroscity!

JD says:

Are you serious? I hope you’re not. And in the event that if you are..

Get your act together, man! You’re are the epitome of “first world problem”. And especially after those who have posted above about a true tragedy like the Christchurch earthquake. You need to get your priorities straight.

And who do you think you can write to to “demand compensation”? Your ruined wine was a result of a natural disaster; as far as I’m concerned if you didn’t insure against natural disasters, you might as well kiss your precious compensation goodbye.

mike says:

i think this is a fair call to demand compensation. however, in future i suggest some sort of marking system for your wine so that you know where they were before the earthquake, and they can be quickly turned back to their appropriate spot after such monumental tragedies.

Rosa says:

It’s gotta be a joke. They had like a few cracked panes of glass. We don’t even have a central city anymore and the cordon wont be lifted til next year at the earliest. Alternatively. If it’s not. I think we should start lobbying for having quake days for every 4+ aftershock we’ve had.
Camira – I would respect a memorial day for the fire. But we’ve had several earthquakes that were like freight trains hitting the house most days for the last year and a half.

Camira says:

Canberra has had its fair share of tragedies Aub. Sure the Christchurch quake was terrible, but did you hear about The Great Canberra Fire a few years back? Let people grieve in their own way. Besides, 3.7 is just a number. No disrespect.

Aubs says:

This is a joke right? i really hope it is – I am from christchurch where i lost my house, and lost some people who were very close to me.. and they trying to get a public holiday for a 3.7??

eric rudeman says:

The military has had an underground base on the Bulls Head road just outside Tumit for years. Has no one asked the hard questions?