Canberrans take to the streets in Guy Pearce protest

A rally group in the Nations Capital have begun a “DVD burning” campaign in protest of Guy Pearce’s recent comments about Canberra.

The Anti-Anti-Canberra United Front set fire to DVDs of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, LA Confidential, and the Neighbours 1986-89 Commemorative Box Set at a rally outside Pearce shops.

“We are outraged by the comments from Guy Pearce. Canberra is a lovely place to live and we actually like all the roundabouts thank you,” said Jean Maxwell of the AACUF.

“I am actually now ashamed to say I live in the suburb of Pearce, which I don’t think was named after anyone related to Guy Pearce, but it sadly now reminds me of the bloke.”

Guy Pearce during his last visit to Canberra

“I am going to be lobbying for the government to change the name of this suburb to Jackman, after another great Aussie actor, but one who would never be so disrespectful.”

British born Guy Pearce made the headlines recently after he made comments about Canberra on the USA talk show Craig Ferguson. He subsequently posted a letter in the Canberra Times suggesting that he even though he was “a dickhead”, he actually is quite a nice Guy.

Paul says:

Canberra mock tourism video –

egg says:

there is a call for all Canberra media to join the ‘Pearce Off’ sanction which is to deny all intances of references to the actor from being published in the act media. The local media body has deemed this as a minimal effort exercise and calls for all to join in.

Neighbour says:

Doesn’t surprise me – I used to live next door to him and he was always bagging Melbourne too.

IceCreamHeadache says:

Should have burned his movie ‘Momento’ too…

Canberra is the best says:

I assume and hope the DVD burning protest is a joke.

While I dislike Guy Pearce’s original comments, I think his quick retraction and apology actually does more to raise the profile of, and defend, Canberra in the long run. The fact that he is apologising, and his positive comments about Canberra, are actually getting a lot of media coverage, in the context that many in the media routinely exclusivley use derogoratory, simplistic and politically-focussed comments about the city.

While it’s not as big as Melbourne or Sydney, Canberra has a vibrant arts scene, plenty of great cafes and a lovely bush setting.

Just because the parliament is based here doens’t mean everything revolves around politicians!

And if someone’s going to Canberra-bash, why not have a go at a myriad of other places? Every city has its pros and cons. Canberra is an easy target and Canberra bashers are just being lazy and devoid of critical thought.