Inventor of “Clamshell Packaging” found dead

Richard Sachet, the inventor of the notoriously difficult to open “Clamshell Packaging” has been found dead in his Beverly Hills mansion.

The modern packaging, which is designed to be tamper-proof and shoplift-proof, has driven millions of consumers crazy due to its difficulty in opening.

Clamshell Packaging - the number one cause of "Wrap Rage"

Medical practitioners have reported that thousands of people are admitted to hospital each year with lacerations due to the packaging’s sharp edges and hard plastic.

The packaging is also the number one cause of the psychological condition known as “wrap rage”, which causes many consumers to destroy the item they have purchased as a result of high levels of frustration.

Police said Mr Sachet appeared to have “suffered multiple cut and stab wounds from scissors, razor blades and box cutters”.

Sergeant Les Ryan from the LAPD reported from the scene that there were “no suspicious circumstances surrounding Mr Sachet’s death” and that no further investigation would be necessary.