Flame virus “too perfect” to have been created by humans

Security analysts are unable to explain the origins of the exceptionally complicated Flame virus and some believe it may not be the work of humans.

The Flame virus is the biggest viral sensation since the outbreak of the US government made Stuxnet virus, but many doubt that it was written by a hacker.

“This is no ordinary virus,” said Professor Leopold Weiss, the author of the highly controversial book ‘Bigger than Jesus: The Internet eats The Beatles for Breakfast'”.

“This is the most complicated virus in the history of computing. It has all the characteristics of a virus that occurs in nature. I truly believe this virus is the work of a sentient network of computers.”

“When you have millions of computers connected, does that not remind you of an enormous brain? Every computer is like a synapse, and together they form a gigantic network of intelligence. I know it sounds like science fiction, but I guarantee that the Internet will awaken, if it hasn’t already. And would it make a public service announcement, or stay completely quiet?”

A typical computer hacker

The Flame virus is reported to be exceptionally complex and uses a variety of rudimentary computer functions, such as Bluetooth, to spread and expand.

“The Internet has caught a nasty cold, and it’s called the Flame virus,” added Professor Weiss.

Users of the Internet are advised to ensure that they have the latest antivirus software installed on their computers, as well as cover up any webcams, digital cameras or microphones when not in use.