Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston duet branded “Tasteless”

Michael and Whitney together again

A new bootleg song has been produced by an unknown DJ which resurrects Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston in a new version of the song “Ebony and Ivory”.

Using digital wizardry, DJ Ch0pst1K has used actual samples of both deceased pop stars to revive the 80s classic.

“They are my favourite pop stars, so I wanted to do something in their honour,” said the DJ in an exclusive Skype chat with The Canberra News Digestive.

“I had an old photo of them on my piano keyboard, and it inspired me to put together the duet. In this version Whitney plays the part of Ebony, and Michael is Ivory.”

The song “Ebony and Ivory” was originally a 1982 number-one single by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, and was seen as cutting edge in the promotion of racial harmony.

Social Media commentator RandolfX commented on Twitter that the song “pushes the boundaries of technology, but is completely tasteless.”

The MP3 of the song has since been removed from major song sharing sites due to copyright infringements.