Russell Brand’s plea to the media: “Stop making things up!”

Russell Brand with Essex twins Sharon and Michelle.

Former parking inspector and film star Russell Brand has asked the media to stop making things up about him.

The star of Get Him to the Greek, a film in which he portrayed Robbie Williams via the character of Aldus Snow, has pleaded with the media to be more truthful.

An insider close to Brand said, “Russell is sick of reading a new headline about him each day that is completely made up, or at least slightly untrue.”

Since his divorce from Katy Perry, Russell Brand has reportedly been dating over a dozen women each month, some of which have sold their story to the media.

“Russell is a gentleman, but also a 50 calibre love machine who is basically unstoppable,” said Sharon Mitchell in an interview with gossip magazine FarQ.

“He smells nice, but he also expects a lot from his ladies. It took me three days to recover after spending a night with Russell. I’m still a little bit sore to be perfectly honest.”

Brand hit headlines recently when he allegedly parked his friend’s Ferrari out the front of a London night club, jumped up on the roof, and started Salsa dancing.

“Lucky for Russell his friend has a sense of humour, or he would have been mighty upset at the damage to his Ferrari!” said a source close to Brand.

Russell Brand is currently touring the UK promoting his new brand of men’s toiletries aptly named The Brand.