Veteran’s Park Refurbishment slowly moves ahead

Artists impression of the new Veteran’s Park

Canberra City workers are looking forward to seeing the final unveiling of Veteran’s Park in Civic after enduring a long wait.

“We estimate the whole area will be finished and construction free within the next 3 to 12 months,” said Bob Williams, a worker from the construction site.

“Most of the road digging has been done. We’ll be covering up the holes soon and patting them down. Then we just need to pull down the fences and put them onto trucks.”

“Once we have moved all the construction equipment away and all the blokes have left, we expect people will be able to start using the park again, provided it is not raining.”

Drew Gershon, the artist who conceived the new look for the park spoke exclusively to The Canberra News Digestive.

“I tried to capture the essence of the park as it was in the latter half of 2011.”

“I wanted it to appear like nothing had changed to the naked eye. The park has been completely fenced off, dug up, and will subsequently be rebuilt almost exactly as we found it.”

Canberra bus drivers are less happy with the roadworks as it has meant constant challenges to their entry and egress from the bus interchange in Mort St.

The park has undergone multiple revamps over the years with the circular fountain being reworked in 1981 and redeveloped in 1986.

The park holds a memorial for Australians who died in the wars in Vietnam, Korea, Borneo and Malaysia.

Steve says:

2011! I love that year.

Freddy Art says:

Yet again the TWU are against the progressive views and redevelopment in the ACT. Alan jones should focus less on Julia’s father and more on the important issues to the community.