Baseline your schedules for International Project Management Day

Canberrans enjoying a game of Capital or Expense Tag

Canberra is set to celebrate International Project Management Day with a range of activities scheduled for the National Capital.

“We are asking all Project Managers to come dressed as their favourite project,” says Lloyd Stephens of the Canberra Project Management Triangle.

“Some of the games and activities we are suggesting are ‘Pin the Benefit on the Business Case’, ‘Capital or Expense Tag’ and ‘Eye Spy with my WBS'”.

“We also encourage a light hearted PIR at the end of the day. There are no constraints, and we are all about the assumption of fun.”

“The only risk is that you might have a good time, and who wants a mitigation strategy for that!”

For information on International Project Management Day events, PMs are encouraged to visit the website.

egg says:

did this event even happen as planned?

PPMO says:

Unlikely – remember a schedule is simply a plan, not a record of what actually happens.