Fifty Shades of Angry Birds

A local games developer has announced he may be approaching Rovio with an idea for combining Angry Birds and the best selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

Jeff Anderson, a computer games designer from the Canberra suburb of Downer, says he had the idea whilst reading the famous erotic novel on his iPad.

Fifty Shades continues it’s world domination

“I had just finished the chapter where Ana wakes up in Christian’s hotel room, and I had to take a break. So I fired up my favourite game. At that moment I felt a fevered surge of clarity.”

“Since then I have been spending all of my leisure time alone, reading the book and playing the original game over and over. If I had a girlfriend she’d kill me!”

“I am putting together a really incredible design for something that combines two of my favourite pastimes.”

Anderson said he was even more inspired when he heard that another Australian company has recently announced it is signing a deal for a party game based on the novel.

“I feel like everything is coming together. Angry Birds has signed up with Star Wars, and Imagination Games has signed up with Fifty Shades.”

As for how Angry Birds and the adult romance novel could unify, Anderson is not revealing any secrets.

“Yes, there are themes of dominance and submission, but that is actually not far from how things work in the ornithological world anyway.”

Anderson has yet to approach Rovio or any other potential commercial partner.

chrissy dogwoman says:

Some people are clearly geniuses, I wish Id though of it. I am going to Facebook stalk Jeff and become his girlfriend. I just know he’d love me as much as I love him, though I may need to restrain and retrain him.

Jacofthebeanstalk says:

Go for it girlfriend. When you’re in the restraining phase try throwing bird carcasses at his face and squealing like a pig. That should cement his love for you.