Great Underwear Robbery foiled by Skid-marks

Underwear thieves need not apply

A major blow to the underwear black market

The perpetrators of an underwear wholesaler robbery in Fyshwick last month have been brought to justice after forensic officers matched tyre skid marks.

“Skid-marks are like fingerprints, no two are alike,” said forensics officer Sam Beatty in an exclusive interview with The Canberra News Digestive.

“I have been told I have a nose for skid-marks, which is a badge I wear proudly. Had these criminals not left a thick and long skid-mark as they left the scene, we may not have been able to solve this crime.”

The underwear wholesaler Lower Echelons were left baffled after thieves stole 17 kilograms of opaque tights with an estimated street value of $92,000.

“I am just glad no panties were touched,” said Lower Echelons manager Rob Dugdale.

In a bid to discourage further robberies, the wholesaler are now planning a fire sale to reduce stock of tights, pantyhose, stockings and leggings.