New Pope may be voted in via Social Media

The Catholic Church pontificate over Social Media

Pope Benedict pontificates about Social Media with friends

Following the recent announcement of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI due to health reasons, the Catholic Church is said to be exploring options for voting in a new Pope.

“We are suggesting that the new Pope be voted in using Facebook,” explained Jason Summers from the Catholic Youth Leaders Strategic Alliance.

“A recent survey suggests that 72% of all Catholics have a Facebook account, so why not let them have a say? Whoever has the most ‘Likes’ should be the next Pope.”

Bob Young from Give ‘Em Pell, an Australian lobby group formed to promote Cardinal Pell as a candidate for Papal infallibility, also supports the idea.

“The Pope has already embraced Twitter with open arms. Let’s take it beyond the simple hashtag and into the realms of faith. I think God would have to agree with me.”

The Papal Conclave is the current system used for selecting a new Supreme Pontiff and includes a complicated system of secret ballots, lunch and chimney smoke.