BitCoin funded News site launched

BitCoins are sweeping the virtual world

A BitCoin in the hand is worth …

A new global news service has been launched which is completely funded by BitCoins.

Total Global News is claiming to be the first news website funded entirely by the virtual currency.

“We are very excited about this initiative,” says the Executive Editor of Total Global News.

“It is amazing to watch the company net worth change on an hourly basis. This morning we were worth several million dollars, yet I just checked a couple of minutes ago and we are now worth around US$212.57.”

“We still have some bugs to iron out. The staff wages can be difficult to calculate, and some team members have reported challenges attempting to pay their mortgages with BitCoins.”

“The important thing is, we are totally cutting edge. Watch this space as we also have some big plans for being the first news site to use complete Google Glass reporting.”

Donations to Total Global News can be made to the BitCoin Address: 1EfuaVX6WEtG3EWq47Sgbk6c5mhZHvFAeW

Disclosure: Total Global News and The Canberra News Digestive may be affiliated and possibly share the proceeds of any BitCoins donated.