First Dolphin in Space by 2020

A global consortium has announced that they plan on sending the first dolphin into space within the next 7 years.

Orcinus Aerospace is drawing up plans for a next generation spaceship that will be able to carry a dolphin into outer space, orbit the earth, and land safely back in the ocean.

Lucky the dolphin in the special training facility

Lucky the dolphin at the special training facility

“This will be the largest step forward in non-human space exploration since Laika the dog launched in 1957,” said Dr Chris Malashenkov from Orcinus Aerospace.

“Since we plan on bringing back our dolphin alive, we think this may be a greater accomplishment.”

An infant dolphin is reportedly being trained at special facilities in Chkalovsky, Russia.

“We are fortunate to have a very special dolphin named Lucky, who will be our astronaut. Lucky will be ten years old when she launches into space.”

Both the US and Soviet Union have launched a wide variety of animals into space since the 1950s, including dogs, cats, monkeys, bullfrogs, mice and a tortoise. However, Lucky will be the first mammal launched by a private consortium.

“The technical hurdles are extremely challenging for this mission. We are building a custom tank for Lucky that will hold approximately 250 Litres of water. We have our best scientists working on a new form of transparent aluminium.”

“Given that dolphins are air breathing mammals, we have developed a special breathing apparatus to attach directly to Lucky’s blowhole.”

The launch is anticipated to take place from a secret location in the Pacific Ocean, and is expected to draw the attention of animal activist groups and Japanese scientists.