Teenage Conjunctivitis Sharing Craze

A new trend amongst teenagers called Goobering is sweeping the nation, but may be a rather unhealthy one.

The fad, which is about spreading Conjunctivitis by purposefully touching another person’s infected eye, rubbing into their own, and posting the results on social media is a dangerous road according to a leading Optometrist.

Be Watchful of Teenage Cults

Be Watchful of Teenage Cults

“Conjunctivitis in any form is bad for the eyes,” says Dr Karl Kumar, from the Optometrists Gilded League.

“Whilst the bacterial form can be cured relatively quickly with medication, some forms of Conjunctivitis can stay with you for life. This is a trend I think we should all keep an eye on, if you will pardon the pun.”

Schools and fast food outlets across Australia have reported a noticeable increase in absences due to eye infections.

“I have seen Goobering in action, and I find it quite disgusting,” said an unnamed Catholic school teacher.

“What is the motivation? I do not understand why any teenagers would want to touch each other, have red eyes and be exiled from normal society.”

Teenagers are using Social Media to post pictures of their infected eyes, under the hashtags of #Goober, #TeenagePinkEye and #ConJunkifyMe.

The origins of the trend are not currently known, but an emergency session of the Psychologists for the Study of Teenage Social Media Trends is underway.