Hitler’s moustache may have been a fake

Hitler may have looked like this

Hitler may have looked like this

An eminent historian has thrown the proverbial cat amongst the World War II pigeons by suggesting that the most famous moustache in history may have been bogus.

Professor Hans Schicklgruber from the Waldviertel Historical Society says he has uncovered a letter from Hitler’s barber, which has led to the surprising revelation.

“I have spent my whole life studying correspondence that relates to Hitler, and was stunned to find a letter from his barber discussing his moustache,” says Professor Schicklgruber.

“Heinrich Haar was Hitler’s personal barber for over 20 years and confessed in a letter that he had been fabricating a moustache out of horse hair for most of it.”

“Haar suggested that Hitler was subject to a rare form of male facial baldness and his moustache had began to disappear by his early thirties, so Hitler asked him to shave it off completely and rebuild it.”

“Hitler wore his moustache as a matter of great honour and masculinity, so he did not want to lose it.”

Adolf Hitler is reputed to have one of the most famous moustaches in the history of the world, yet its distinctive style never since really ‘caught on’.

“If you look at the archival footage of Hitler, you can see slight differences in the moustache which suggest it may have been regularly restructured.”

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