Ufologists hotly debate Canberra UFO

A controversial picture of a small child under a hovering unidentified flying object has set the conspiracy theorist world alight.

The photo taken at Dickson Wetlands, in the North of Canberra, is causing much deliberation by eminent ufologists.

The truth is really out there

The truth is really out there

“This is clearly a rare, daytime spotting of a UFO,” says expert ufologist Seymour Blofield.

“I have run my analysis, and there is no photo-shopping here, this is the real deal.”

Part-time ornithologist and UFO expert Hans Ritchie disagrees and suggests that the photo is “an elaborate hoax to sell children’s clothing.”

The photo was taken earlier in the year, and has since created a social media explosion.

“It’s a f#$king ROCK! Deal with it” says Twitter user AngryGenYGuy.

It is expected that many UFO fans will converge on the Dickson Wetlands on 2 July as part of World UFO Day, in the hopes that the mysterious object will choose that day to make a reappearance.